Thursday, April 20, 2006

Guess who's coming to Arizona?

That's right, bitches. Whitney Houston (aka Whittey Hutton by those of you familiar with Hustle Man on Martin) has checked her cracked out ass into a rehab in Tucson. And to pay homage to this once shining star, I've provided a photo presentation. I call it "Crack is Cheap!"


Blogger Kim Edwards said...

Just An Experienced Thought
I turned to this website an long time ago, to see what you said about the show Flavor of Love. I saved your website so I could come back no day to see what you had to say about other things. Well today I guess is the day that I say something back. I saw your comments about Whitney Houston and I must say it was nothing more than what others have had to say.

I am taking this time to say something just a little bit different. I pray that for the short time it takes for you to read what I have to say, God opens your mind. Well I know once you've read it the seed shall be planted.

Being raised an only child, both parents in the home (they had great jobs and they retired from their job, I attended private school and as far as the material stuff I can not describe all of the stuff I had growing up. I guess that maybe why material things never meant to much to me. Anyway, to make this short I ended up having 4 beautiful children and guess what by 3 different men. I ended up going to prison (see I believed that you don't tell on anyone) maybe that comes from being molested as a child and being told not to tell. Anyway, I sold crack, I danced nude, I was apart of an escort serve, I illegally used credit cards, all before I ever started smoking Crack (51's). Eventually I caught 6 felony cases and was facing going back to prison to do 20 off of a 40 year sentenced. Then the strangest thing happened. Anyway, I am sure you could care less what or how things changed. The point is when it was my time to stop everything that I had been doing I did and it was not by my own doing. Oh yeah, it was not based on the law either. And it's been 10 years for me on this side.

I truly understand that we as people truly believe that we know wrong and still do it. I truly understand that as people we tend to look at others doing wrong and judge what and why one is behaving in a certain matter. I truly understand that there are those that look at certain things (like a person's gifts, money, physical build, zip code, etc.) and will say things like "you are throwing your life away". Or "are you crazy? Look at what you have, stop it". Here is the big one, "You are killing and hurt yourself and those around you". I truly understand that we can say and believe the most darndest things.

Here is the thing with out going into detail, Whitney is going to stop doing all that she is doing, when its time. Whether that means she stops and live life to its fullest or stop and lay in peace. Trust me she is going to stop. And when and how is only known by who created her.

By the way smoking crack is no different than any other flaw. It is no different than stealing (taking extra money you know you shouldn't is stealing), cheating on ones taxes, gossiping, lying, cheating on your lover or spouse, cursing, not tithing, lusting, manipulating, justifying, rationalizing, etc. And when someone does anything negative for example it is a sign that there is a deeper issue involved. And if one does stop that one negative thing if the issue is not resolved the issue will show it's fce another kind a way.

Have A Great and Blessed Life

4/20/2006 12:07 PM  
Blogger foxxxylove said...


Are you still selling crack or are you using it right now? My post on Ms. Houston was not meant to be serious commentary by any means, and perhaps, if you'd bothered to read any of my other posts (save the FOL recaps), you might've been able to tell when I'm being serious and when I'm being a smartass.

But, since you raised the issue, I must respond. Like you, I would consider myself pretty privileged. I also had both parents, one was always home, I went to good schools, I lived in a good neighborhood, and I had all the things I needed and many others that I wanted. Here's the thing. I DON'T DO CRACK! I won't even spout that garbage about that not making me better, because it does. Anyone who doesn't do crack has got at least one thing going for them that Whitney Houston does not!

Having said that, Whitney Houston is who she is and she's chosen her path. However, I DON'T KNOW WHITNEY HOUSTON FROM A HOLE IN THE WALL and I'm absolutely sure that you don't either. I don't think Whitney has any political or social relevance to anyone (except her loved ones), so it's really beyond me why you dedicated so much time to commenting.

So, being the smartass that I am, and being that you came to my blog to quasi-preach to me, I must pick apart your comment piece by piece.

Your childhood abuse is a serious topic and it takes courage to share that. However, we don't know that Whitney Houston was abused. We really don't know anything at all. So, I'm not sure how your abuse is relevant to a conversation about Whitney. Now, if you want to have a serious discussion of abuse, we can do that, and that is something that I would not joke about.

I'm very glad that God changed your life. It sounds like a hard one. But again, I'm not sure how your slingin and strippin and carousin has anything to do with my witty commentary on Whitney Houston's crack use.

I agree that Whitney will stop when she does. Here's the thing. Worrying about Whitney doesn't really consume too much of my day. In fact, it's already taken up too much of my precious time. I can say "that's real sad," and move on to the next thing. Why? Because, again, I DON'T KNOW WHITNEY FROM A CAN OF PAINT. She's not my momma. She's not my cousin. She's not my friend. My time is so precious that I can only show true worry and concern for the people that I love and make a difference in MY life. Whitney does not fall into that category for me. As for you, I'm sure there are many people you love and cherish who deserve your prayers more than Whitney. She has family and friends for that. If you are one of those people, then keep prayin. Otherwise, move on!

Additionally, I find it quite interesting that you accuse others of judging when you came to my blog, in my area of the worldwide web, to judge me for criticizing Whitney Houston. Do you see the contradiction? Practice what you preach, please.

And finally, we need to get one thing straight. USING CRACK IS NOT LIKE CHEATING, LYING, STEALING, NOT PAYING TITHES, ETC! Actually, using crack is much worse. Crack destroys your body and mind. It tears apart your family. It makes you do things like cheating, lying, and stealing. Chances are, if you're on crack, you're not doing your taxes or paying tithes.

Agreed, crack use signals deeper issues like depression and addiction. However, I think the most important crack-related issue is POVERTY, something which Whitney Houston has NEVER been familiar with.

So, stop all your weeping for Whitney and use those tears for folks caught in the cycle of poverty in inner-cities and rural areas . . . those who don't have millions to keep them on the straight and narrow . . . those who don't have families to send them to rehab . . . those who can't afford rehab.

Now, when I'm ready to engage in a real discussion on crack use, I'll let everyone know. But it certainly won't be because Whitney Houston went to rehab.

PS - I haven't posted about the Duke rape case yet (ya'll know I went to Chapel Hill) because I haven't really sorted out my thoughts. When I do, I'll post something serious because rape is no laughing matter. Whitney on crack is.

4/20/2006 3:33 PM  
Blogger Kim Edwards said...


I never thought in a million years that the blog would even be read nor did I think that it would be taken as a judgmental or harsh statement. I never thought that you would be so harsh and ANGRY (defensive). Just to set the record straight, here I go.

First of all it took less than 5 minutes to write what I wrote. So there wasn't a lot of time taken on anything. Next thing is I started off what I said with the statement saying "I am taking this time to say something just a little bit different". My stupid thinking was that by me saying that everything that followed was just giving another point of view.

Next the point was to say that it doesn't matter where you come from, who your parents are, or what you do that decides ones flaws. And you are right I do not personally know Whitney Houston, yet I do know those that hung out with her a long time ago when she first hit the scene and she was sniffing cocaine then. Whether it was because it was the IN THING to do in the entertainment Business. Point is I am darn sure that she never once said "let me become a CRACK ADDICT". Yeah let me hurt my mother and daughter. Yeah let me blow money on something that will harm my insides and deteriorate my outside. Oh yeah, I know I am drinking champagne or some other type of liquor, but let me now become an alcoholic. It never starts out that way.

Next your great comment:
USING CRACK IS NOT LIKE CHEATING, LYING, STEALING, NOT PAYING TITHES, ETC! Actually, using crack is much worse. Crack destroys your body and mind. It tears apart your family. It makes you do things like cheating, lying, and stealing. Chances are, if you're on crack, you're not doing your taxes or paying tithes

After being a mentor to young ladies in youth homes, juvenile detentions, youth ministries, talking most importantly LISTENING to women in treatment, jails, prison, churches, stealing, lying, manipulating, having different partners, affect not on the person doing those things, but affect the children, spouses, mates, mothers, fathers, etc. Try stealing and get caught and see what happens to the family. Try watching someone lie all the time and see what happens to the family. Try watching someone spend most of the money on material things (things that really don't even matter) and see what happens to the families. By the way you don't have to do drugs to be a liar, a cheat, a promiscuous person, some one who rationalizes the most insane things. Drugs and alcohol are only symptoms of a problem. I truly understand that we really believe that there different degrees in doing wrong. There might be different levels of consequences but wrong is wrong all the way around.

And there are many of us have jobs and it doesn't matter if it's minimal wage or not and don't pay taxes or tithes. And will cheat on there taxes or say I don't think I have to pay tithes or I don't that much left after paying my bills and I have to get my nails and hair done.

Even though you have labeled yourself as a "SMARTA%*", I still just thought that giving another point of view was just that giving another point of view. It was not meant to hit anything or anyone. Even everything that I just wrote isn't meant to hit anything or anyone. After reading over what I wrote and having some other people read it no one took as a negative nor did they take it as a judgmental statement, I wonder why you did. As far as you thinking you are better than anyone including Whitney, you have the right to believe what you believe. Anyone who has not experienced anything negative is only blessed and better off not better than.

As far the abuse I experienced as a child, which was far worse than the consequences I experienced smoking CRACK. And from what my daughter says me smoking crack did not compare to her half brother molesting her. That was a referral back to you believing that CRACK is much worse to certain things. I never said Whitney was abused in any kind of way, all I do know is there is something that she is trying to cover up. Someone of us cover the pain, rejection, low self esteem, fear, etc, with shopping, irresponsibility of money, sex, bad attitude, poor relationships, people pleasing, arrogance, and many other ways.

All that I have said is just another point a view based on not what I think or what I feel. It is all based on facts shared from many different people. And I am absolutely sure there are many who believe, think, or feel (I already know you know there is a difference in a thought, feeling, and belief) the same way you do.

You are right I will continue to pray. I will continue to pray for anyone even those I don't know. See I am not one who believes you pick who you pray for. You just see what God brings your way and you just do it. I pray for everyone who has experienced deep disappointment, pain (self inflicted or by the hands of another), rejection, abandonment, any type of negative experience. I pray that everyone comes to know God's Truth; one can hold in one hand his truth and man's truth and see which one truly is better.

I am so glad and grateful that one life is based on a thought or feeling of another human being. We would never get to true peace and happiness. You know PEACE and HAPPINESS. A state of being even if one is financially broke, physically ill; you know when things aren't going according our plan.

Now this has taken up a lot of time and of course I am referring to your time. If you have read this I pray that a point of view is not condemnation nor is it judgment.

4/21/2006 7:46 AM  
Blogger foxxxylove said...

Let's see Kim. You come to my blog and tell me that I'm closed-minded, but you're unsure why I went on the defensive? I think you need to re-read your first 2 paragraphs. Saying that you pray that God opens my mind is NOT just coming to offer a different point of view. That's you being preachy. Perhaps that's just your style, but in the future, if you'd like to offer your opinion, simply say so.

You don't know anyting about me. You have no clue what I seriously think about any given subject unless I write it on this blog. And in case you hadn't noticed, I tend not to be too serious in this medium.

So, if you didn't find my slideshow funny, then that's your prerogative. You even have the freedom to comment on it because I am interested in what people are thinking. BUT, if you're going to come here, you gotta take as good as you give.

I'm glad that you work with youth. I'm glad that you use your past experience to help. I'm just not sure what that has to do with Whitney Houston or my post.

I will say that you seem more disappointed in me for joking about Whitney than you are in Whitney for smoking crack. I posit that your disappointment is misplaced. Just because you can relate doesn't mean that Whitney's behavior is right. In fact, you neglected to mention in either of your posts that smoking crack is WRONG. You talk a good game about justification and rationalization, but it seems that you're justifying Whitney's behavior, which only rationalizes the poor decisions you made earlier in your life. The line about your daughter thinking her molestation had a stronger affect on her life than your crack-smoking is evidence of that. This is wholly inappropriate, but since you put it out there, I have to say it. Her molestation could've been a symptom of your crack addiction. I've heard it time and again. "My smoking crack has nothing to do with my kids," or "My kids were taken care of." Meanwhile, the children are suffering from the loss of necessitites (like food and clothing) and positive parental influence. Only time will tell the real effect of your addiction on your children.

I stand wholeheartedly by every statement I made in my previous post. However, I will say that I don't think our opinions regarding drug abuse are that different. I also applaud you on the work you do because it is so important.

BUT (and you knew it was coming), the women you minister to need to know that they cannot blame anyone else for their choice to use drugs/alcohol. People self-medicate for any number of reasons, but in the end, we all can choose a path to follow. We can choose destructive behavior or healthy behavior. The choice may not be easy depending on environment and experience, but it's there (even for those predisposed to addiction).

This brings me back to Whitney. I guess you know some folks who know her (that was really lame, by the way), but it's my understanding that she was raised in a Christian home with 2 parents. She had opportunities that others did not have. She became famous by using her gifts. Outwardly, Whitney had everything going for her. I have no clue what was going on in the inside, but I can bet she was educated enough (through home, church, and school) to know that drugs lead to nothing but destruction. She chose the wrong path even though she had all the right information. Hopefully, she'll see that it's never too late to get back on the right path.

I like the path I've chosen (or the one chosen for me depending on what you believe) and it has given me peace and happiness. I will do what I need to do to stay on that path. I pray for you that you do the same.

In the meantime, I'll keep on making Whitney jokes because they're funny. I hope that you continue to come to my blog. Hell, I wish someone would've started a spirited debate about the social ills of Flavor of Love. Loved the show, but it was begging for serious commentary and no one bit!

4/21/2006 10:59 AM  
Blogger Kim Edwards said...

You are absolutely right I never condoned nor condemn her for her behavior. Just like I never once judge you. When I re-read the beginning of my statement I said that I pray that God opens your mind, due to the fact when one makes a statement about another person's views or comments most times that person gets defensive. When speaking to another person whether face to face or on-line I believe that it is necessary to be as non-threatening as possible. I apologize if my phasing was taken as if I was coming after you. I guess when I wrote "Well today I guess is the day that I say something back. I saw your comments about Whitney Houston and I must say it was nothing more than what others have had to say. I really believed that I was making myself clear that this is just a moment that I will say something different than what was been said over the years, due to the fact I see things both ways.

Without saying getting high off of any thing (including Glade Air Fresher), smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, gambling (playing lottery), masturbation, pornography, underage sex, sex with minors, cursing, nude dancing, sex before marriage, physical abuse, murder, stealing (including taking money that one has not earned or is freely and honestly given), adultery, same sex relationships, adultery, condemning self and others, rage, and a lot more things are wrong. These things are wrong to me. There are some things that I have and have not mentioned people believe are a little bit wrong or not wrong at all. Yet it is not up to me to say anything unless asked or given the grace to say something non-threatening or anything that might cause any harm.

Now let's go with what happened to my daughter. For some reason because I was molested by a trusted family friend, I grew up believing that only family would be around my babies. Well as we know family can and will hurt the babies as well. Your follow up was funny. No I was not getting high. As a matter fact, I was working, ain't that something. Something like molestation can happen and you can be doing the right thing. Just like when it happen to me, my parents trusted someone to watch and protect me while they worked. So I guess CRACK is not the reason behind all bad things. I forgot this is what you had to say" Her molestation could've been a symptom of your crack addiction. I've heard it time and again. "My smoking crack has nothing to do with my kids," or "My kids were taken care of." Meanwhile, the children are suffering from the loss of necessitites (like food and clothing) and positive parental influence. Only time will tell the real effect of your addiction on your children."
It's something how we as people don't want to be stereotyped, will make comments or have a thought in the area of stereotyping (whether we are black, white, men, women), and will do the same. By the statement you made ""My smoking crack has nothing to do with my kids," or "My kids were taken care of." Let's me know that we have heard the same thing, yet that statement doesn't go for everyone. By God's grace not man's view I fortunately did not go that deep into the addiction. Because I don't know Whitney and can go only by the photos taken of her, I can say that I never looked like that, yet I am well aware that there are levels in everything. I also know that just because I did not get high as long as it has been reported that she has been getting high. If reports are true about her going on 2-3 week binges, I definitely did not. Not because the dope was not available, I just had not gotten in that deep. I thank God My daughter knows about my past life because I told her, plus she read the book.

I apologize for even given you (if I did) the impression that another is to total blame for another's choice. I am sure you recognize that another can play apart in something another decides to do. Another can play apart in ones thought process. Again I am not saying that any of this has anything to do with Whitney, just general. The women that God bring s to me to minister to I make sure that denial is not going to play a part of our discussions. This is where LISTENING comes into to play.

Before I go, I pray or maybe I should say I hope anything that you have read you do not take as a hit at you as a person, your thinking process, what you do and don't. Just take it as it all way intended. JUST A NOTHER WAY AT VIEWING SOMETHING. I am not under any illusion that how I think or what I say is going to change anyone's way of thinking or speaking. Nor do I believe that anything I say is going to cause someone to have a thought, an idea, nor do I believe that one will form a belief based off of anything that I share. I am sure you haven't and won't take anything that I have shared seriously. Why should you

Be Blessed

4/21/2006 12:30 PM  
Blogger foxxxylove said...

Good Lord (oops, maybe I shouldn't say that to you)! If you wanna pray, pray for peace in this time of war. Pray for a cure for AIDS, which is obliterating thw world's population. Pray for something that matters. Don't waste your prayers on Whitney Houston . . . and please, don't waste your prayers, or your different point of view on me.

4/21/2006 9:55 PM  

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