Wednesday, December 14, 2005

File this under NO SHIT!

Pentagon may be spying on anti-war activists

I'm screwed!


Blogger Rudy Zarsov said...

What an amazingly insular and narrow minded country you live in.
In your story about the convicted murderer Tookie Williams.
In the journalists article he states
"About a murder a day occurs in South Central LA every day of the year. Nobody needs to see another dead black man to know that gang life leads to death, either by the police, the state, or, more likely, by a rival gangmember"

That's 365 killings IN ONE PART OF ONE CITY. And that's only the gang related killings.

You then have the hide to criticise Australia because a group of surfers were pissed off enough to text each other to "protect" their beach from young Muslim men who were telling the surfers girlfriends that because they wore bikinis they were asking to be gang raped and the young Muslim youths were going to gang rape them.

The catalyst for this event was when two life guards were beaten up by Muslim youths who told the lifeguards that if they tried to intervene in what the Muslim youths were doing at the beach they would then be killed.

The surfers, decked out in the Australian flag then proceeded to "scare the shit" out of anyone who looked Arabic.

The next weekend the muslim youths organised with text messages and returned and "scared the shit" out of anyone who didnt look Arabic.


Arrest were made on both sides and end of story.

And you, in the most racist country in the free world have the cheek to put Australia on top of your most hated list because of this.

As I have said here before, because of Americas narrow minded, ignorant and supremist view of the rest of the world, almost every country in the world hates America and would love to see someone, any one, kick your fucking arse (sorry,ass, because I'm sure you won't understand)

You need to look critically in your own backyard before critising other countries.

12/18/2005 3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly, Rudy's comment doesn't really deserve a response, but I'm going to anyway because I'm bored enough.

First, if you - Rudy - think Love doesn't look critically at her own country, then you clearly haven't really been reading her blog. And maybe didn't even get the point of the entry. The fact that she in fact is critical makes her a prime target for spying since the wonderful government has decided dissent is no longer acceptable. So watch out foxxxy, big brother is watching YOU!

Second, I find it humourous that you twisted the Tookie entry out of context to justify how race motivated crimes aren't so bad so long as there are no deaths. Actually, I don't see you address the racism at all in the Australia incident. Maybe you didn't even see what was racist about it. Who are you to talk about looking at their own country critically when you fail to do it on your own?

Third - preemptively - no, I'm not saying murder doesn't matter. Yes, killing is deplorable, but so is what leads to the killing - racism, poverty, the state reinforced cycles of oppressions, personal hatred, whatever. I'm also not saying America's off the hook at all when it comes to structural inequalities, ignorance, discrimination, greed, the list goes on. But there are indeed some Americans that see it, know it's wrong, and work to fight it. So trying to point out how "amazingly insular and narrowminded" the US is to people that actually know so really isn't getting you anywhere.

You probably are just trying to rustle some feathers. But really, does pointing out atrocities elsewhere make what happened at the beach any less wrong? Maybe you should think about whether or not the arrests were the end of the story.

12/19/2005 1:18 AM  

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