Friday, April 21, 2006

And because I needed something positive today, I'll share this one.

I should be working, but instead, I'm watching Dr. Phil, who I might add that I can't stand (I must really not want to work). Anyhoo, he just did a piece on this group called the Urban Entertainment Institute. It's a group of kids from South Central LA who do all aspects of performing arts. Their instruction is free and all of the classes are tought by former students.

One of the founders of the group, Fred Martin (Jackson Browne is also a founder), said something that struck me because of all the commenting on Whitney Houston. He said that performing arts keep kids out of trouble (which is true), and when a child takes an active interest in the arts and they excel, they no longer make poor choices. I wholeheartedly agree. I danced, sang and played softball. All of these things kept me focused and out of trouble - I knew that if I messed up, I couldn't participate.

Being in South Central, you can imagine that the Urban Entertainment Institute is vital for its students. These kids are amazing! I just checked out some of their performances on the website. I'm a big sucker for children's performing groups (I was in one myself way back in the day), so I plan to make a small donation to the organization. I think you guys should do the same.

Check out the Urban Entertainment Institute


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