Thursday, November 30, 2006

Black By Popular Demand . . .

Ok, so the Election is long over, November 7th has come and gone, and since I'm sick in bed (and Romius is constantly harassing me), I will blog today.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting. Who knew that getting a job that requires you to leave the house everyday would cut into a sistah's bloggin time? This just goes to prove my point that work is for suckas!

Anyhoo, what could I talk about besides my own sad sad life, or the Iraq Civil War, or Bush being stood up by Al-Maliki? Eureka! I've got it. Let's talk about Britney Spears' nasty twizzat.

As an avid fan of TMZ and The Superficial and PerezHilton, I'm used to seeing shots of skanky starletts who don't know how to exit a vehicle without the world seeing all of their glory. But I'll be doggone if Britney hasn't taken the cake 3 times in 1 week. If I have to see 1 more crotch shot of Brit Brit, I may hunt her down Borat style, but instead of putting a sack over her tackily hair-weavedhead, I'll bring a nice clean pair of drawers to cover her flat ass. I might put a panty liner in because in 1 shot, she was lookin a lil leaky (that one was for you Quilty!).

Enough I say. I know she's suffering after her break-up with Fed-Ex (or as I call him, "the White Trash Pimp of the Year"), but you gotta go a long way to look less classy than Paris or Lindsay. I mean, I think Brit now ranks below Anna Nicole Smith (pre Trim Spa / gastric bypass).

Now, I must go take my pain medication. When I awake, I will begin another nonsensical rant!


UPDATE: Don't you love how there's a picture of Shaggy over the kitty, but it's not shaggy! Get it? Ok, I need to lay off the Vicodin for a minute.


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