Sunday, October 02, 2005

No. Bill Bennet did not fall under my radar.

I just think that the crime rate would plummet further if we just aborted all WHITE babies instead of the BLACK ones.

Ok, genocide is not funny, but neither is Bill Bennet. He's fucked up no matter what context that comment was made in. He's just an old racist white guy who thinks that all black people re criminals. Funny how there are more white criminals than black ones, but no one talks about aborting white babies to reduce the crime rate (except for me, of course).

Anyway, soon there will be no such thing as abortion because our new Chief Justice will make it illegal. I suggest all you knocked up white chicks run out right now. You could be carryin the next Columbine kid! But I digress.


Blogger Rudy Zarsov said...

As you and I are now officially engaged, I think that it's only fair that you have a better understanding of the Australian language. So I have collected the "A" section and here it is:

Ace! : Excellent! Very good!
Aerial pingpong : Australian Rules football
Amber fluid : beer
Ambo : ambulance, ambulance driver
Ankle biter : small child
Apples, she'll be : It'll be alright
Arvo : afternoon
Aussie (pron. Ozzie) : Australian
Aussie salute : brushing away flies with the hand
Avos : avocados

I will continue with the "B" section when I receive the engagement ring. (That's another Aussie tradition)

10/03/2005 12:12 PM  

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