Monday, September 26, 2005

I love GOD!

I don't love Intelligent Design.

Today, a federal court heard what's being dubbed the "Scopes II" trial. For those of you who don't remember, the original Scopes Monkey trial (1920s) dealt with a state law which fined teachers who taught Evolution. In the late 1960, SCOTUS held that laws banning the teaching of Evolution were unconstitutional. Today's trial deals with a Pennsylvania school district that requires a short lesson on Intelligent Design before teaching Evolution Theory.

Intelligent Design, supposedly an alternative to Evolution, basically says that life is so complicated that it must have originated from some "intelligent" being - AKA GOD. Ok, I can probably go with that. My problem is that the "science" behind the theory is crap. Basically, proponents of Intelligent Design should just come out and say "Hey, we're tryin to sneak in Creationism, so we made up something that sounds scientific."

I do believe in God. I think God has a place in all things . . . all things except SCHOOLS and GOVERNMENT and anything else that constitutes STATE! I have this funny recollection dealing with church, state, and separating the two. Wonder what that's about?

Don't get me wrong. As far as I'm concerned, Darwin was a stone-cold racist mother fucker, but at least there's uncontested science to back up Evolution.

Here's the thing. I'm not quite sure what I believe. I don't want to take everything in the Bible literally because then my black ass would be a slave and I would definitely be going to Hell for all that coveting of ass (the jury's out on that one). I also don't really like the whole idea of survival of the fittest because I'm feeling pretty weak these days (and it's not from marathon coveting, that's for damn sure). So, I choose not to think too hard about either - which is why I went to law school and not med school.

Creationism has it's place. It's called church. I go there every once in a while. It's that place with all those pictures of Jesus, fans, and women in hats (I go to a Baptist church, so don't hate). Intelligent Design, aka Creationism lite, should likely stick to the same place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Blog sez:

I have this funny recollection dealing with church, state, and separating the two. Wonder what that's about?


Yeh, me too. There is not a word in the constitution about separation of church and state. It says the Federal government can not ESTABLISH a religion, seems that they wroyte that because everyone before then HAD to pay taxes to teh church of England, no matter what religion you practiced... It got so bad the Church of england changed its name in the US to "episcopal".

I think those God hating people are wack anyway. Take the organized athiests, they claim there is no god at all, but are afraid this mythical creature that they claim doesn't exist is violating their rights everytime someone else mentions "god" somewhere near a government facility, school or even on a city seal. God forbid god be mentioned in the Pledge of allegiance or on our money. In fact if they object so much, why don't they come on down and turn all that blasphemous money in?

10/05/2005 10:07 PM  

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