Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Welcome White Supremacists! I come in peace.

Did you know that when you Google any combination of "kwanza nigger christmas," my site pops up as 12th on the list?

Well, at least 4 people out there on the worldwide web already know this. That's how they found my site.

So everyone give them a warm welcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How the hell did you come up with the notion of googling "kwanza n christmas"? Are the white supremacists gonna beat you (or me or us) up over the internet? You sure did post a lot today....
-the best nalsa kisser E-VER

12/20/2005 2:23 PM  
Blogger foxxxylove said...

I didn't come up with it. I just happened to do some site tracking and found out that others have been doing it. Poo poo on them.

12/21/2005 3:44 PM  

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