Tuesday, August 16, 2005

At least it wasn't the black one!

Go, go Power Rangers!

In critical race theory, Kimberle Crenshaw coined the term "Duality" to describe the struggle of a black female's gender and race sensibilities. A prime example is my own struggle with OJ. As a woman, I hated the bastard because he was a wife beater, but as a black person, I wanted him to get off because the American injustice system exists to enslave my people (that wasn't too militant for ya?).

So, imagine my surprise when I was combing through the headlines when i found an article about an ex Power Ranger involved in a murder plot. Now, as a pacifist and former law student, I don't like murder. As a black woman, I was sure hopin it wasn't the BLACK POWER RANGER. For your viewing pleasure, I bring to you "Diary of a Mad Black Woman, II."

One of the kids from the Power Rangers grew up and became a killer. Ooh, an innocent couple is swimming with the fishies. That's horrible.
Please don't let it be the black one! please don't let it be the black one!
Crips helped them carry out the crime. I deplore gang violence!
Dayum, it's the black one, ain't it. I'll bet he does a mean C-Walk.
Skylar Deleon. That's a very French sounding name.
That's a mighty white name. Or, it could be Creole. Who knows?
Let's do a quick IMDB search, shall we? I wonder what other talents he has?
Let's see if there's a picture. Then I'll know whether or not he's the brotha. Nothing. IMDB SUCKS!
Hmm. Let's try Google.
MUGSHOT! I mean, JACKPOT! Phewww! I knew it. White. . . I mean short people always be killin!

Read the story, Crips, anchors and all: Former child actor faces murder charge


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I'm a little hurt. Short people? :)

8/17/2005 1:37 PM  

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