Monday, August 15, 2005

Sad But True Story

Foxxxy: I'm goin to see Boyz II Men this weekend!!!
Sister: Who?
Foxxxy: Boyz II Men
Sister: They still tour? They ain't had a hit since . . .
Foxxxy: Don't hate! They're gonna be at Paradise Casino.
Sister: Word? Where's that?
Foxxxy: Uh . . . Yuma?
Sister: What's in Yuma?
Foxxxy: Boyz II Men. . . and I get to meet them too.
Sister: WOW! That woulda been so cool 10 years ago? You gonna bust out in your Cross Colors pants?
Foxxxy: How'd you guess? I've been workin on my "Runnin Man" all day.

Later that weekend . . . (imagine Boyz II Men singing in the background)

Foxxxy: They look kind of hot, and NOT in the good way!
Palma: Uh, didn't they used to have necks?
Claud: Yeah, I can smell the pleather from the stage, but Nate makes me wanna!!
Palma: Where's Bass?
Foxxxy: Ain't he got scholiosis. That cane wasn't just for decoration.
Claud: I heard he's in a wheelchair.
Foxxxy: Naw girl. He's just a little cripped, not pushin the wheels. I think he's got more of a limp.
Palma: Girl, I think Nate just winked at you.
Foxxxy: Not me. That was for Claud. A washed up pop start is still rich, right?
Claud: He was lookin at me?
Foxxxy: Too late. That 19-year-old who just put her one leg up and her booty on the floor got him.
Palma: Well, there's always Wanye.
Foxxxy: Why is he still that pleather coat? Doesn't he know that stuff chafes?

I would post the pics, but I must protect the identities of the innocent - and Wanye and his missing neck do NOT count.


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