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'Member how I went to see Boyz II Men last year? You don't? Well, I did and I wrote a post about Wanye sweatin in his pleather outfit. Anyhoo, looks like the Boyz are poised to make a comeback. I mean, they outsold Mr. SexyBack in Japan! That's right folks. Japan. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Read on people, read on. . .

BOYZ II MEN PREP FOR A COMEBACK IN THE STATES: Group's new album outsells Beyonce, Janet in Japan

First week sales in Japan of Boyz II Men's new album "The Remedy" has beaten opening week totals from Beyonce's "B'Day," Janet Jackson's "20 Y.O."and Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds," according to a release from the group's rep.

"While we are considering potential label deals here in the U.S., we decided to launch the new album overseas to Japan and Australia to test the market," says group member Wanya Morris.
Explaining their absence from the music scene on U.S. soil, group member Nathan Morris adds: "We experienced what many artists go through, once we were on top we expected more control and labels fought us so we took a break from recording and just toured.

"We realized that the industry wasn't going to wait for us. We went through a humbling time and a bit of a reality check, we knew that everyone was still praising our talent but there were many new artists coming up fast, we knew that we needed to work even harder this time around, so this album is sort of an epiphany for us and aptly named 'The Remedy.'"

This article appears courtesy of the EUR. Thanks Lee Bailey!


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I just want to say that UFO is so big in Japan that Bon Jovi has to tour with them.

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