Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Shhhhut The Fuck Up!

I hate it when bitches sit next to me and my posse (aka the Not So 2 Live Crew) in the movie theatre and shhhhh us the whole time. It only makes me want to talk louder and laugh harder.

If you can't take it when I laugh in a horror movie because it's horror-ble, then perhaps you should end the anorexia diet you've cherished for years and consume some fiber because that will remove that shit log that's stuck up your ass! If my whispering is ruing the entire movie for you, you should likely consider that the movie itself ruined your experience because it sucked so tremendously that I couldn't help talking to stave off my boredom! In fact, I'm more entertaining than the movie bitch, so pay attention to me!

Look, you little bitch with your played out stack flip flops and short ruffle skirt with your belly fat hangin out - if you require complete silence while watching a movie in public, then maybe you should reconsider the public thing. The whole point of watching movies in theatres is for the audience interaction and response. If you don't like it, keep your oompa loompa fake tanned ass at home and wait for the DVD! Meanwhile, leave the rest of us to enjoy our moviegoing experience.


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