Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Bloggin' Poll! Chico Stick, Anyone?

THE RULES: 10 songs that sum up your weekend . . . or were on your weekend playlist . . . and one picture that relates back. (Oh, and if you feel like it, tell us why you picked the songs you did.)

  1. Grillz by Nelly, Paul Wall, and some other folks. This is another horrible Nelly creation, but after watchin this weekend's episode of Flavor of Love, I couldn't get the thought of "Smile for me daddy. Let me see your grill. Ya, ya grill. Ya, ya, ya grill" out of my head!
  2. So Sick by Ne-Yo. I honestly like this song. However, every time I turned on the radio this weekend, it was playing. Good thing I don't listen to the radio that much or else I'd be so sick of this song!
  3. Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Sometimes I Rhyme Quick by Nice & Smooth. A hip hop classic. I'm cheating a little bit because this song is in my head right now. I'm watching the Law & Order marathon on TNT and the murder happened on "125 and St. Nick." Hmmm, I could sure use a Chico Stick right now.
  4. Make It Last Forever by Keith Sweat. I was supposed to go see Keith this weekend. I'm kinda sad I didn't, but I had stuff to do. Oh well. Maybe next year.
  5. Shower Me With Your Love by Surface. Palma and I heard this song as we were walking through the grocery store this weekend. It brought back memories of being at the Wheel A While and waiting for that special boy to ask me out on the rink for Couple's Skate. Ya'll know what I'm talkin about.
  6. Seems You're Much Too Busy by Vertical Hold. I just love Angie Stone. This is Angie before anyone knew who she was. I've been listening to this one a lot lately.
  7. He Loves Me by Jill Scott. I love everything this beautiful dreamer does, but He Loves Me has to be one of my favorites. For those of you who know the song, I know you agree that it is probably one of the most seductive songs on the planet! Lately, I've been thinking a lot about being loved "from my hair follicle to my toe nails." Alas, for right now it's but a dream.
  8. Ain't No Such Thing As a Superman /Home Is Where the Hatred Is by Gil Scott-Heron. It's a toss-up between these 2 songs because I like them so much. What can I say? I was feelin a little old school this weekend.
  9. Stakes Is High by De La Soul. I've been bangin this one (and Tainted Love by Slum Village) for weeks in my IPod. This is arguably one of De La's best (in my humble opinion). I think more than a few popular rappers of today could benefit from a listen.
  10. Hopeless by Dionne Farris. Me and Palma watched Love Jones this weekend. This song (and that movie) brought back so many memories for us both. 'Member the lazy days of undergrad? 'Member how we loved Nia Long's hairdo?. 'Member how we thought Larenz Tate was so fine, even though he was only 5'5? 'Member how open mic poetry was the thang? 'Member how Bill Bellamy had a career?

For the rest of Beat & Rants' poll, CLICK HERE. Oh, and TAG. YOU'RE IT!!!


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