Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In Defense of Star Jones Reynolds

Those of you who know me also know that I HATE THE VIEW! What a waste of television space. I mean, they could run another "Paternity Test" episode of Maury in that time slot and I would be perfectly happy!

But, The View didn't have to do Star like that! What do I mean? Well, yesterday, Star announced that she would not be returning next season. Barbara Wawa claims to have been surprised by Star's announcement. That's odd, because we all saw it coming (partly due to Rosie O'Donnell being announced as Meredith Vierra's replacement), and apparently, Wawa and the network knew this was coming for months. In fact, Star was supposed to announce her departure Thursday - so Wawa is full of shit - and formaldehye!

But here's the kicker. One day after Star's announcement, she was told not to come back, even though she was contracted to stay until mid-July. Now that's harsh! Wawa said "It has become uncomfortable for us to pretend everything is the same at this table. ... Therefore, regrettably, Star will no longer be on this program."

Wow, the turning of the knife in the back only takes a day or so around ABC.

Well, in Star's announcement, she said the show decided to go in another direction (yes, the one where everyone stops watching because Meredith is gone and Rosie "psycho" O'Donnell will fill her chair space, which is hard for that ass!). In an interview with People, Star said that she felt like she was being fired as the network decided not to renew her contract. Sounds about right to me.

Star's announcement was characterized as a "betrayal" by Wawa. Oooh! Star made the announcement 2 days early. Big betrayal there! Seems to me that Star was betrayed as Wawa didn't have her back at all in the contract negotiations. In fact, she hired Rosie O'Donnell, Star's archenemey, then had the nerve to say that Star's contract wasn't renewed because "research showed Reynolds' dramatic weight loss and 2004 wedding to banker Al Reynolds was a turn-off for viewers."

Ok. I can get with that. What I can't get with is how every single one of those dizzy bitches didn't skew low on the old viewer opinion-meter. Seriously, they're all nuts (except for Vierra who will move on to the Today show and who's seat will be filled by Rosie O'Donnell's ass. I feel bad for that seat). Joy is annoying and NOT FUNNY. Elisabeth is a CONSERVATIVE FREAKSHOW. And don't get me started on Wawa, who looks more and more like the CRYPT KEEPER everyday.

To make matters worse, Rosie O'Donnell is coming in the fall. Truth be told, I loved Rosie's show back in the day. I'm completely convinced that had she decided to stay on the air, she'd still be a success, regardless of her sexuality. However, she left the show, got an ugly lesbian hairdo, and turned into a complete SLAG, writing horrible poetry on her blog and talking shit about everyone, including Star Jones Reynolds. She's no longer the likable person she once was, which I hope and pray spells disaster for The View.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm no Star Jones Reynolds fan. She looks strange now that she's lost all that weight. I think she's a nutjob for marrying a man that is clearly too gay to function (thanks Mean Girls). The wedding swag was a bit excessive and tacky. And the "sexy" excerpts from her book gave me the creeps.

However, as annoying and strange as she is, she's no more annoying or strange as the rest of those hags (emphasis on the "hags"). I especially hate Elisabeth. She's a fucking republican twit with absolutely nothing to offer . . . except for her womb to breed future republicans.

As an original cast member, Star is part of the reason for the continued success of the show - and only God knows why it's successful. I'm actually not seeing Wawa's point about the audience disliking Star. They still tuned in every week. They bought her book. She's even in the process of developing her own show, which now I hope is more successful than The View purely out of spite.

The fact that Wawa and the powers that be turned on Star shows how little class they have. Essentially, they made her pack her boxes, asked for her garage card, and escorted her out of the building. That's the way to treat someone who's made you rich and has been loyal for 10 years! Dayum, she didn't even get a send-off (like Meredith, Katie Couric, or Charlie Gibson). She just got the boot! And they didn't let the shoe leather cool off any, because they've already taken her out of the show's opening credits and there is no sight of her on the website.

For these transgressions, I will no longer watch The View. Oh, wait. I never watched that shitty show in the first place. Well, I never will!


Blogger Knows It All said...

I read where WAWA claims she was trying to protect her. I don't think that this press is gaining any viewership. You know what though, I've been home in the day. DAY TV is scary. People who stay home and watch must be even scarier. I think they may accept the new creeped Star.

6/28/2006 7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love knows-it-all's comment about scary people who watch daytime TV. It's very true. I really appreciate this blogger's post "In Defense of Star Jones Reynolds". Very well done, and funny too.

6/28/2006 11:32 PM  
Anonymous Ayesha said...

Do you're part:

7/07/2006 2:53 PM  

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