Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CLOSURE - the word of the day

I am so brilliant, but ya'll already know that. I should really write a book . . . or become a PIMP.


Today, a friend of mine who was taking the bar exam, was fretting over the fact that he had no trim waitin for him once he got home. Apparently, his regular 'tang just started a new relationship, thus claiming to be off limits.

In his dismay, he said "Foxxxy, what is I to do (insert pout here)?"

So, I thunk and thunk unto myself. Then, eureka! I found it.

"Hey, just call that ho up and say you need to bang it out one more 'gin for CLOSURE!"

He looked at me and laughed. "Foxxxy, that ain't 'gon work!"

I shook my head and let out a great sigh. "Siiiiiighhhhh. You doubt me, son? Don'tchu know I know all and see all. That ho is 'gon let you hit it for old times sake. Trust me!"

Fast forward to about 30 minutes ago . . .

"Foxxxy, you was right! I mentioned CLOSURE and that ho said, 'I was thankin the same thang. That will be my gift to you for taking the bar!' And I said, ' . . . word?' And she was all '. . . word!'"

I looked at the lad with knowing eyes. "I told you so, son. Never underestimate my pimpery again! I know all and see all!"

I should really write a book . . . or become a pimp!


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