Thursday, February 23, 2006

Memorial to Grandpa J

Molly was supposed to come visit me this weekend, but her grandpa died last night. I've known Molly since I was 7, so of course I knew Grandpa J well, and I must say that we was awesome!!! Grandpa said exactly what was on his mind all the time, but he didn't do it in that annoying way that makes you hate old people. He was just genuinely a character with the ability to make everyone around him laugh and smile.

Molly said that last time she saw him was for her birthday celebration on Sunday (wish Molly a belated Happy Birthday suckas!). She said he was happier than she'd ever seen him. He was excited about Molly's bro getting married. He told Molly she was beautiful. Our guess is that Grandpa knew he was going to go and was happy to see all of his loved ones doing wonderfully.

Grandpa spent 92 years really living! Rest in peace Grandpa!


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