Thursday, December 07, 2006

Eddie, what are you doing?

First, you get a divorce from your beautiful loving wife. Then you take up with Scary Spice. Now you dump her for Babyface's leftovers and claim that the Scary baby isn't yours? SHAME ON YOU - not just for the baby, but for all of the above. You were much more loveable when you were into trannies like Micahel Jackson (although I'm not sure it hasn't been proven that Scary Spice is actually a man).


Blogger Rudy Zarsov said...

Thank bloody christ ya back.
I've missed your nasty snarky comments about people I'm glad I've never heard of.
Sorry you've been sick and I hope you get better soon.
With love from
Your favourite stalker

12/11/2006 2:33 PM  
Blogger Romius T. said...

i can't believe Rudy is still alive and around on the internets!!

12/14/2006 4:03 PM  
Blogger Turner Mitteron said...

Rudy is a personal friend of mine and your right. He is round...very round but I'm not sure if you would call him alive or not.

He digitally enhanced that pic of his to make him look young and skinny

12/14/2006 4:14 PM  

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