Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yes Massa! I's gwine to pick a bale o cotton down yonder!

I just read about a middle school in suburban Detroit that was making children sing an old Negro spiritual (my ass) about pickin cotton and how much fun it is. Luckily, the token black child's parent complained and the song was removed from the program, BUT not before he had to remove his child from the concert AND certainly not before a school representative stuck up for the decision to keep the song.

The official noted that she sang the song as a school girl in the 1950's and "It's like a Southern type of folk song. I remember it being perky. It was more of a song that people just sang for fun." Then the BITCH started singin the song over the phone to the reporter. Say it with me people - What the FUCK?

The lyrics of this perky tune include:

“Gonna jump down, spin around, pick a bale of cotton; gonna jump down, spin around, pick a bale a day.”

That's because pickin cotton is cotton-pickin fun! Oh wait! It get's better. Apparently, the school's version was the Radio Edit. The original ditty went a lil sumthin like dis:

“That nigger from Shiloh can pick a bale of cotton; that nigger from Shiloh can pick a bale a day.”

Well, I'm glad he was from Shiloh. He coulda been from Phoenix, and you know how those Phoenix negroes do.

If I decide to run a middle school music program, I think I'll include the old negro spirituals of yesteryear. These include "Kill Whitey" and "Fuck the Police."

For more info, click here.

Monday, November 07, 2005

How is it . . .

that I have 1000 visitors today? Does this really mean that 1000 of you suckas have actually bothered to read my ramblins? I'm so impressed with myself!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why Can't I Marry Aaron McGruder?

I'm unmarried by choice. I could've gotten married once, but I woke up (sorry Walker - we're still kewl tho).

So, in my perfect world, who would I marry? Aaron McGruder!

For those of you who don't know Mr. McGruder, he's the creator of my favorite comic strip (NO, NOT FUCKING CALVIN & HOBBES) The Boondocks. I've been a fan for years myself.

Why Aaron McGruder? He's not the tallest, darkest, or most handsome brutha (he's cute though) - sure. But he's got a sexy brain. I mean, he's a total entre-po-negro. He created a hip-hop politically-drenched comic strip, got it published in papers all over the nation, and now has brought the strip to life on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

So Aaron, allow me to introduce myself as your future babymamma! Better yet, let Isa introduce me since she did such a great job in her blog (check out the November 3 entry). I especially like the part about wifebeaters!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Coming to a home school near you -

It's Prussian Blue!!! That's right, folks. They're the cute little neo-Nazi duo stirring the souls of white supremacist music listeners everywhere.

Enjoy song like:
  • I Will Bleed for You
  • Weiss Weiss Wiess (baby)
  • and Aryan Man Awake
And not only can these girls sing, they have blonde hair and blue eyes. That means little Lynx and Lamb (and yes, those are their names) are 100% pure. White Power!

And in case you thought I was, I'm so not making this up. Check out Prussian Blue.